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Inflatable Mosque

The Worlds very first Inflatable Mosque


Our aim is to create the Inflatable Mosque as a unique building for multiple uses.

The design we have for the Inflatable Mosque is the first one

but we are working on a number of designs, We are looking for a facade type inflatable

with the possibilities of putting a normal white marquee behind it

for what ever capacity necessary? We want the Inflatable Mosque design

to serve as an entrance way! To an existing building or to its own Marquee building

at a location of your choice, to serve as a platform to teach others about real Islam

and not as portrayed by the extremists, Open to all faiths...

Bringing us all closer together, With understanding.

Our idea is to copy the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi


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After creating the Worlds very first Inflatable church, which we have one we hire

around the world, We believe the Inflatable mosque would serve as an amazing

information center about Islam alongside the Inflatable church

as a platform for people to learn about Islam and Christianity!

and not to be mistaken for extreme or radicals ideals...

inner cities around the world need to be informed...

This will serve as a fun environment alongside the Inflatable church

that religions can share information to each other

and the worlds media will want to report around the world our plans...

If you feel you can help our company, with this goal

please do not hesitate to contact us.

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